Our Training Services

We offer a wide variety of tailor-made training programs aimed at Promoting Peace, Resolving Conflicts, Teaching people how to work together.

Why Train With Us?

At Olive Branch Konsult, we utilize a wealth of rich experiences in our programs. Most of our trainers are masters in their fields, recruited from highly reputed international organizations. The Konsult has developed a network of training partnerships with various research and training institutions, both in Nigeria and abroad.

We tailor our training programs to the specific goals of the client. This ensures that our work is always relevant.

Our Objectives

  • Analyzing the life cycles of conflicts, from escalation through post-conflict transition.

  • Assisting participants to think critically and creatively about practical political and societal alternatives for dealing with conflict situations, with emphasis on developing analytical tools for formulating and implementing prevention strategies and response options.

  • Developing analytical tools for formulating and implementing prevention strategies and response options.

  • Creating structural and challenging opportunities to share experiences with other professionals, to develop working relationships, to broaden networks of individuals involved in conflict management, and jointly explore problem-solving approaches.

  • Our training will empower you to fully explore, develop and apply the powerful dynamic leadership to achieve success in your organizations. This goes beyond the mechanics of administration to focus on innovation, inspiration and vision.

    What We Offer

  • Impartial Mediation Process

  • Confidentiality of Information

  • Self-determination of the process and Outcome

  • Voluntariness of Participation

  • Empowerment to Take Decision

  • Education of the Peace process for future Use

  • Training Methodology & Content

    Although each course is tailored for its particular audience, the Konsult will focus on a number of core competencies, including:

  • Conflict Analysis and Management

  • Problem Solving Strategies

  • Negotiation and mediation Skills

  • Manpower

    Regardless of our client's circumstances, Olive Branch Konsult is able to provide the most qualified personnel available. In addition to the Director, Programs Manager, and support staff, we have a pool of consultants and associates on hand who are seasoned Trainers/Consultants in conflict resolution and organizational leadership.

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